Flash Coaching

Announcing the new 12-month unlimited 15-minute sessions


Hello! Garrett Stagg here! If you are unaware, I’m the owner of Eighty Twenty Business Coaching, the author of the above two business books, the teacher of four courses approved by a state of Massachusetts grant program in which every business in the state is entitled to an annual $30,000 dollars in tuition reinbursement and a member of an elite global association of business coaches.  It is my goal to help you solve your businesses problems!

I assume you’ve heard of “SPEED DATING” or “SPEED NETWORKING” right?  “FLASH COACHING” is our entry level, easily affordable program where you can receive proprietary access to globally proven business strategies and professional advice which can generate immediate profit and geographic market dominance for your business.

FLASH COACHING is a program where for a one-time fee you will receive…

 a one-time 60-minute proprietary business analysis and 12 months of unlimited 15-minute business coaching sessions for a one-time payment of $997 

(which breaks down to a paltry $83 month!)


Enrollees in the program will receive:

  • The initial online 60-minute FLASH COACHING proprietary analysis. We will outline where the business is now, where it can be and show a five-year profit impact.
  • Unlimited access to 12 months of 15-minute coaching sessions where we will target the specific areas that we uncovered your most lost profit!
  • Access to a client portal with…. A series of professionally designed 8-minute videos which will outline each profit strategy, supporting materials and specific action steps showing how to implement the strategies we discuss that can generate the maximum income!


The videos and materials were created by several of the most powerful marketing minds on the planet!

All lesson plans, video instruction, workbooks post meeting action steps designed to generate a minimum of 5% to 20% profit impacts in each of the areas we will discuss. To inquire about the program schedule a call here